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Tom Montalk News
Get ready...
@montalk @McLiam Hyperdimensional negative forces planned this pretty well. The slow decline of the global human empire with the aid of humanity itself fueled by greed and ignorance.

Yeah, I could see how taking specific actions could narrow the probability field. So I would assume that precognitions are sensing that probability field, or the probability closest to manifesting. My language is so clumsy. You know what I mean. I not only sense stuff but get very specific calls to action. They carry this energy signature of intense, bone deep shock. Like there is an urgency to it.

On the flip side an action could open the probability field. Like making yourself available for social events could probably increase the chance of something random happening, versus staying indoors.

It makes me wonder why Fore’s handlers were so neurotic about him leaving his habitual sphere of experience. When I said I could travel wherever I want and almost do whatever I want (aside from dating and preventing “them” access) he was shocked. So either it’s the information he holds that makes them neurotic about him or by him stepping outside of habitual patterns it makes the probability field wider. Less they can predict and control?

Montalk 12-13-23
== Part 1: Demiurge, Archons, and Demons ==

What is the relation between these three? The hierarchy goes in this order:

Demiurge - In a generic sense, simply the thoughtform or universal soul that projects and fashions physical reality. It’s a construct made of astral and etheric energies (primarily etheric) that underlies manifested existence. Sort of like the part of your subconscious that projects the dream environment.

Archons - extremely high level demons/aliens, dark overlords essentially, that are at the top of the negative evolutionary hierarchy.

Demons - any cunning nonphysical intelligence of a malicious and predatory nature. That includes everything from minor demons which are more like imps or goblins (in terms of behavior and appearance to psychic vision) to humanoid ones (shadow beings with glowing eyes) to monstrous things that resemble H. P. Lovecraft creatures. Archons are essentially the latter.

The relation is that Archons preside over the majority of the demonic and alien hierarchy. Both demons and negative aliens have their own hierarchies, but these merge the closer they get to the top. So you have powerful ultraterrestrial demon-aliens at the top of that, heading up both hierarchies.

Their relation to the demiurge is that they have corrupted a part of the demiurge and are empowered/sustained by that part they have corrupted.

It’s like how an extreme emotional blockage causes a blockage in the etheric & astral bodies which manifests as say a tumor. The tumor reinforces the blockage and the blockage reinforces the tumor. One is the manifested aspect of the problem, the other the energetic or archetypal root of the problem. The two are in a feedback loop and reflect each other.

It is by manipulating the demiurge, meaning the source code and mainframe of this ‘matrix reality’, that these dark beings derive their power to control much of what goes on here, even manipulating reality/timelines to an extent.

Their reality engineering powers are not as good as what positive ultraterrestrials (angels & advanced 'aliens') can do, but they can do some of it and that’s a problem. They can also manipulate us into doing it for them through corruption of our soul & subconscious.

So they view the demiurge as their god, as their benefactor, their source of power. If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, the demiurge to them is probably like The Force, which can be used for positive or negative purposes. Except instead of just being a force, it’s also intelligent in its own way. Artificially intelligent.

Some demons seem to be mere thoughtforms themselves, therefore mere products of the corrupt demiurge / universal thoughtform. That means they are artificially intelligent AI agents of the malware type. (continued in part 2:

== Part 2: Demiurge, Archons, and Demons ==
(continued from part 1:

The reason the demiurge is corruptible is because it’s a thoughtform. Originally, per Plato and others it was blown into existence by some supreme divine intelligence. (Gnostics had a different view, which is that the demiurge was created as an error when one of the higher "aeons" or archetypal ultraterrestrial intelligences went rogue).

But we can compare the original intention to a video game being created for public consumption. An experiment, a piece of art, a product. Except the players have an influence over how the game proceeds, and some can even influence it on a deeper level.

Our own subconscious, our soul, is like an eddy of water in an ocean. The ocean is the demiurge. Both the soul and demiurge have etheric and astral layers. Our physical, etheric, and part of the astral body are all pieces of the demiurge. It's only the upper part of our nonphysical being that comes from outside that, and incarnates here into this universal thoughtform construct to experience shared reality bound by the laws of physics and occult laws.

Soul and demiurge are connected at what we could call the subconscious level. So when your vibe is very low and you’re attracting illness, accidents, and other bad probable futures to yourself… well that’s your little part of the demiurge (your soul/subconscious) manipulating the demiurge at large, thereby adjusting collective reality into precipitating these events.

Magick is an intentional way of using that process to manipulate reality (the demiurge). Certain advanced alien technologies can also do this, because they make use of etheric energy to manipulate the etheric environment and thus physical reality.

So just imagine what the subconscious projections of billions of humans does to this sector of the demiurge. Imagine what super-intelligent beings, whether aliens or demons or cryptoterrestrials, have done to the demiurge over thousands if not millions of years.

It’s because everything is connected, that one thing influences another. The demiurge is programmable by its participants. That’s why it’s corruptible. And because we have free will to some degree, we can choose to honor or subvert the harmony of Creation. Some choose evil, some succumb to it, and that affects the collective energy field which alters probability on a collective scale toward negative outcomes.

The converse is also true, that changing yourself deeply at the subconscious level in a positive way has an impact on the collective field, which is why through our 'vibe' we take part in this battle for the destiny of mankind even without taking physical action.

Montalk 12-18-23
== Mental/Emotional Impairment Trend ==

As many have noticed, there’s been a growing level of impairment in people. It manifests as increased confusion, vapidity, apathy, and reactivity.

From what I can tell, there's a broad-spectrum of influences behind this:

(1) The proliferation of mini cell-towers and 5G antennas. While the higher frequency bands of 5G are not yet widely being used due to technical difficulties, the additional towers and bands are creating higher EM fields than ever before. More wifi routers in homes adds to the problem.

(2) The mind being overloaded with social media & news. Attention span is dropping. An attritional state of chronic stress is being induced by the constant stream of negative news. Rising cost of living and pessimism about the future is adding to the stress. Too much stress induces a state of suggestibility and a shutting down of higher functions of the brain.

(3) Spike protein from C19 and the jabs causing inflammation in people’s brains. That's been known to cause brain damage, which leads to apathy, reduced empathy, heightened aggression, and therefore less thinking and more emotional reactivity. Obviously worse in the jabbed than the unjabbed.

(4) Unknown factors harder to prove, like blanketing of population with mind control waves. Can be from cell towers or longitudinal waves reflected off chemtrail layers. Or something on an etheric or astral level that’s smothering the planet. The continued weakening of the Earth’s magnetic field may also play a role.

(5) Ongoing pollution of the food and water supply with glyphosate, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, xeno-estrogens, fluoride, and other chemicals. I think we’re all familiar with those.

You can mitigate the above by:

(A) Reducing social media & news time. Devote more time to reading, writing, learning, crafts, nature, exercise, etc. Things that take focus, patience, and consideration. This puts a mush mind back together, but takes time to rebuild the neural layers. Mindfulness meditation also helps: focusing on your sense of self-awareness, or focusing on all your senses inside and around you at once. This boosts brain waves including gamma, which helps to undo the alpha state we’ve become conditioned to stay in.

(B) Getting an EMF meter to find electromagnetic hot spots and avoiding sitting or sleeping in them. For example, the Cornet ED88T PLUS5G2 unit. Move away from that spot, or identify the window/wall it’s coming through & block it with heavy duty aluminum foil or mylar space camping blankets. The foil needs to be electrically grounded via alligator clip + banana plug cable to the GND hole of an electrical outlet.

© Changing your diet toward one that is anti-inflammation & good for the brain. Like one geared toward traumatic brain injury recovery. Include supplements that boost brain function, antioxidant activity, glutathione production (detoxing mechanism), and fight inflammation. There are also anti spike protein supplements like bromelain and nattokinase but be careful with nattokinase as it’s a blood thinner and that can cause bleeding in people prone to it. Microplastics are hard to avoid but can be reduced by rinsing foods (including rice & oats) several times before cooking.

(D) Doing a 15-20 minute power nap once a day, during which you disconnect from the stresses of the past/present & dwell on whatever makes you feel empowered, optimistic, and uplifted as you dip in and out of sleep. You’ll shine well-needed light into your subconscious, and that will make you more resilient the rest of the day.

Carissa Conti
@montalk This is definitely one of those topics that has interested me for a long time, because I'm out in it every day for years, at various jobs, getting exposure to a large amount of people. Coworkers, bosses, vendors, customers/clients, delivery people of all types (food, packages, mail, etc.) The intelligence issue goes back years, and probably for some of the reasons mentioned on this list. Now we have COVID and poison jab spike proteins in the mix. O.o

One of the conclusions I came to years ago is that humans are not cut out for this society set up/world. Humans in general are very intelligent, which makes us seem like we're capable of more than we are. But it can be misleading. For many people it's all too much, too fast, too complex. To successfully survive here at a complex, fast paced job in an urban area for instance it requires common sense, the ability to think fast on one's feet, long term planning/vision/seeing ahead 20 steps, versus short term gratification/only seeing the immediate, ability to troubleshoot issues of all types, from the basic on up to high end technology, multi-tasking and always dealing with multiple issues at once, and just as importantly, NOT forgetting all these various issues when more come along causing further distractions; prioritizing tasks, being organized, social intelligence and being able to interact with people of all types, knowing how to "read the room" and know how to conduct oneself; good speaking skills and ability to articulate oneself........etc.......etc....... And as I've seen, many people can't cut it. It's all too much.

From what I was once told by some higher beings, humans did used to be smarter. But intelligence has been on a long decline. Another reason is due to our purposely ineffectual school system, designed to churn out obedient, non thinking robots who memorize and regurgitate a large chunk of useless, and often purposely incorrect disinformation, versus honing their critical thinking skills. That's a HUGE one for shaping one's intelligence and thinking capacity early on. Factor in the huge number of parents who are completely mentally checked out in terms of being involved in helping to school their own kids, relying solely on the total disaster of a school system to do it for them. The parents are too busy consuming entertainment, playing on their phones, socializing, shopping, or working high stress jobs, trying to keep up. They don't have time for their kid's education.

THE most common issues though out of everything mentioned above seems to be the inability to handle more than one thing at a time, a brain that moves so slow it takes forever to accomplish any one thing, and the inability to troubleshoot most problems. And it becomes a real problem when these people decide to get jobs out in the world that require all that.........and MUCH more. I see it all the time, people getting fired because they can't keep up with anything, can't think, can't troubleshoot, have next to no memory retention abilities, so therefore can't learn, no basic common sense, etc. I've been the replacement for these people at multiple places over the years. (I'm the replacement at my current job, as you know.) But it means I've heard the stories from bosses and coworkers about these nightmare low IQ people that got fired before me. The stories are shocking. It's SO insanely disheartening to witness what's happening with the average intelligence, as you've heard me say a zillion times. What also ends up happening is that they've set the bar so low that when I come in as the replacement everybody's tiptoeing around me, treating me like I'm mentally impaired, because they're just so used to dealing with somebody who couldn't do anything. I'm talked down to/patronized, and continually told that they don't want to give me work to do because "It's just too much!" Thinking I'm on the level of the people before me, who were functioning at probably an 70-90 IQ. I've been told these things at multiple jobs over the years, not just one or two. It's been an uphill battle at multiple jobs to prove myself because of how mentally impaired, lazy and apathetic multiple predecessors have been before me.

There's another component to the IQ thing in our fast paced, modern society and working world specifically, and that has to do with the male vs. female brain. A subject most people don't want to touch with a ten foot pole. ;) But the bottom line is, the vast majority of males are smarter and more capable than females, period. For me it's not even open for debate, I have endless stories, I've been out in it for years among both genders. But women in general are DEFINITELY not cut out for this fast paced, complex, emotionally intense, highly technological modern world, AT all.

@montalk Tom, it seems like you would find some of Alison's videos and discussions of interest. She's tracking the people who are setting up the blockchain systems and code their ideologies into it. This is moving out of think tanks and into experimental real time. I suspect AI computing would be the driver of these systems if allowed to deploy into societies.

@montalk Awesome post Tom! I’ve also heard alcohol can cause anxiety and stress but never stopped it myself to verify.

@montalk One to add... the "auric field" people carry around is itself influential from person to person. Basically, the more people fall under "the spell" the more the pull toward that place of semi-zombie mind.

@13laddyboy13 Right on, that's a big one. Self-reinforcing morphogenetic tar pit.

@montalk thanks for the advice. I'm planning to adjust my diet and now need to read more about the brain diet. Fasting also helps. I just came out of a three-day fast today. My blood pressure returned to normal and my head cleared. Some insights came - seemingly obvious solutions, but which I had not seen before.

@Ksunsh Congrats on the fast. Every once in a while, fasts are good, depending on how much body fat vs. muscle you have. Keto can also put you into a clear headspace, for longer than fasting can. Just gotta try things out and see what feels best. If you listen to your body, you'll never overdo it.

@montalk very true words, Tom, that you need to listen to your body. By the middle of the third day without food, I suddenly began to have obsessive thoughts about fried chicken in mashed potatoes :) My body was clearly giving a signal that it was time to start eating, but I decided to wait until the morning. Of course, in the morning I got up all broken, dizzy and generally felt lousy. It was necessary to listen to the wise body. In fact, I would be interested in understanding how hunger helps the body. Hunger strike practices mainly take into account only the physical aspects, but not the spiritual ones. I recently learned about the ancient Chinese practice Bi gu "abandonment of grain". Now I’m reading, it's just considering the issue from the point of view of what happens to the body’s energy during hunger.

Montalk 12-19-23
== Black Projects & Beyond Black ==

This old interview with whistleblower Bill Pawelec has some good info on how black projects work, and how there are deeper and darker things than even those. I knew Bill personally and can vouch for his sincerity.

Deep black projects,“4 Horsemen” secret government & AVCs discussed by whistleblower William Pawelec

Key takeaways from Pawelec:

* Inventors can get bought off (silenced) & their tech transferred to shadow projects to be used on/against the public. For example, new tracking implant tech being put into people via military abductions (MILABs).

* Such tech can be built in temporary fabrication labs that are spun up to produce them in large quantity then spun down to cover tracks.

* There are dark powers with technologies & agendas beyond the knowledge of Congress, military, and even approved black projects.

* They have no oversight, have unlimited budgets, are nearly untraceable, highly advanced, seek total power & control.

* They can penetrate any level of government, know instantly what’s going on, including monitoring even supposedly secure communication channels.

* They're apolitical, or at least of a philosophy that’s unrelated to public politics. (Mindset seems typical of alien hybrids IMO).

* The black & beyond-black world extends beyond the US (and seems coordinated at least among the Five Eyes nations + Israel. Example: MILABs exist in all these countries, and there are indications in the MILAB field of shared/joint programs between these nations).

My take: Congress, MIL & approved black projects are the bottom of a pyramid. They’re monitored, infiltrated & controlled by tiers that extend into the realm of breakaway civilizations, cryptoterrestrials, aliens/hybrids, secret societies, time travelers & interdimensionals.

So think about what that means for Grusch & disclosure if a) they're not willing to violate NDAs & national security laws, b) those NDAs & laws are set by people with questionable interests, c) those people are being watched & managed by forces beyond GOV/MIL jurisdiction.

That's why alien disclosure will be partial, deceptive, and oriented toward control. The only way to get full disclosure (which would be beyond catastrophic for our way of life, but that won't matter when other factors have already wrecked it) is if some benevolent alien group deeming it necessary overrides the others and shows up to give it themselves, or else gets/guides their proxies on the ground (i.e. patriot pro-human factions in MIL/GOV) to do it without getting wiped by the opposition.

@montalk Great interview, thank you! A few things that popped to mind. He mentioned Lockheed Martin, my cousin was quickly grabbed up by them right out of grad school. He studied civil engineering, not aerospace. He could not tell us anything about what he does. Just kind of laughs it off. His mom has tried to get it out of him and has jokingly concluded he does hacking for them. Likely security stuff. That’s here in Colorado.

Towards the end Bill talked about the importance of sovereignty and I wholeheartedly agree with him!!! What “they” have up there is the antithesis of that, down to thought. Telepathy is not really the cause of thought control but it lends itself to it easily. To the point that A) when a hybrid on duty down here thinks the wrong thing, he is instantly contacted by someone onboard. B) They have been so trained to be part of this hive mind that if they feel that no one is near them, that could pull them out, they are terrified. The hybrid handler, twice my size, was being a pussy about it a few times. So they have a fear of sovereignty, which is incredibly demoralizing.

That level of control is insane, so it is no surprise that if the black or even darker projects are run by that society, absolutely nothing slips out. Down here, with us, it is a different story. We aren’t telepathic, we didn’t grow up in that kind of control, so we explore, blab to each other, and develop our own strategies independently. Until of course someone gets too close. I fear that level of control more than death, hence the blabbing, but I’m nobody carrying no credentials so they just harass, they don’t see me as a threat.

Hence it is awesome for people like Bill to be sharing. He is able to bridge the gap between what we believe is the totality of what is going on, in fact only a teeny tiny sliver, and the incredible complexities of the controlled reality we live in.

Do you know where that woman’s implant was placed? He didn’t mention it. The one put behind my ear was done by a huge hypodermic needle. I didn’t feel pain but could feel the pressure of it going in, resisting the tissue along the way. That was in 2010, way passed early childhood. Afterward it itched so bad that I kept scratching the puncture mark until it scarred.

@abducteejournal Interesting your brother studied civil engineering but works for Lockheed. Maybe he's involved in construction design/planning which naturally includes security considerations.

Sovereignty especially for humans does seem completely antithetical to the alien power structure. They probably see it as unearned, and a source of chaos, inefficiency, weakness, vulnerability, and loss of control. But to that I say, their leadership & agendas are unworthy of the control they wield. They may be intellectually smart but they're spiritual retards.

I don't know where that implant was placed. We didn't discuss it when I knew him. That this video only came out after his death, per his request, means it contains things he wasn't able to divulge while alive. That's a nice change from David Grusch having to censor himself every other sentence.

Sucks about your implant behind the ear. I've heard of people trying to zap theirs with magnets taped back there. Someone sent me this today: -- a TENS muscle stimulation unit used to pulse current along conductive fabric. He claims it stops his V2K. Haven't tried it myself but would be cool if it works.

@montalk Oh sad that he isn’t alive! That’s awesome you knew him though! I totally understand that he would want to play it safe considering what happened to his friend. If he had family that is another reason to play it safe.

I considered the magnet thing but was worried about attracting the iron in my blood. I know silly but I was using a very strong magnet, one of those that would be hard to resist the force if it was attracted to like a fridge. Maybe I should try it with something weaker? Thank you!

I was hoping to destroy one of those implants, not just interfere with its signaling. I think it is shoved so deep in my neck that it would be dangerous to surgically remove. Height of the scar suggest where the brain stem is but maybe it’s not all the way there.

@abducteejournal Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation is said to help depression, even cure it. Probably just inducing currents that alter neuron firings, but what if it's actually frying out implants? I've never tried it.

I hear you about the magnets and what they might do to iron in blood. I researched how magnetic blood is, and interestingly it varies depending on whether it's oxygenated or not. It all depends on whether the electrons of the iron are bound up with other molecules, or if there are free (un-paired up) electrons. When magnetic, it's only paramagnetic which is a very weak form and not like found in elemental iron by itself.

So... yes there's magnetic interaction, but it's weak. If you absolutely HAD to, you probably could without major bad effects. A pulsed magnetic field would probably be more effective but as I said I never tried that.

Montalk 12-24-23
== Is humanity ready for FULL alien disclosure? ==

Depends on what is disclosed. If it were merely admission of their existence, we’d have a good chance of surviving it.

But think deeply on what would happen if the following were disclosed:

* Nonhumans with superior intelligence & technology exist.

* They have been here for millions of years.

* Some are hostiles that exploit humans as a natural resource.

* They rigged our civilization to function as a farm/brothel/prison for them.

* History & religions are heavily manipulated & censored. Truth has been suppressed.

* Many humans are getting abducted, experimented on, mind-programmed, or bred like cattle.

* Millions have been abducted permanently: taken to other worlds or cut up & used for food/parts.

* Hostile nonhumans have infiltrated our governments, militaries, religions, corporations, & academic institutions.

* They have created hybrids & clones/synthetic that can pass for human.

* Your governments can’t protect you from abductions. Worse, they’ve been colluding with the hostiles.

* They made deals with them in exchange for technology, security & a promised role in the post-invasion world.

* Benevolent nonhumans also exist, but our leaders rejected their terms of nuclear disarmament & reorientation toward peace.

* The collusion between corrupt human & hostile nonhuman factions includes joint abduction programs & building of underground bases, the tracking/downing of benevolent alien ships, & the violent interrogation of their occupants.

* Human civilization is approaching multiple tipping points (singularities) at once; even without the alien threat, these may decimate humanity.

* Natural global disaster cycles are also converging in that same time frame.

* Nonhuman activity has been increasing since the early 1900s because we’re approaching the end of the world as we know it & they intend to take full advantage of that.

* Our leaders can’t protect us from this either, & have instead been building underground & off-world bases to save themselves.

* They have siphoned humanity’s real wealth while propping up the economy through a debt-based system primed to collapse after they retreat to safety.

* A major alien faction comprised of greys, mantids, reptilians, & hostile nordics intends to reshape what’s left of our civilization by putting survivors under the yoke of an elite class of grey-human hybrids.

* To prime us for that, they have used their proxies to dismantle human traditional culture & gradually acclimatize us to a state of transhumanist hive-mind slavery.

* They also require depopulation to bring us down to a manageable size, which has already started through C19 & the sterilizing/maiming injections. Your loved ones died for this.

* Further depopulation is planned through famine, disease, violence, & war.

* Benevolent nonhuman factions are willing to help, but they can’t stop natural disaster cycles or undo the systemic problems that threaten to collapse our fragile civilization.

* They can instead offer guidance, knowledge, limited technology on a local/communal basis, & transportation of essential individuals to safe zones.

* They have their proxies/allies within our society as well, including in our governments & militaries.

* The proxy war between them & the hostiles is raging fiercely, the results of which we see play out on the surface as major current events & cultural trends.

* Ultimately, however, reality is an illusion, a metaphysical hologram populated by conscious energy from outside that illusion.

* There exists a spiritual war between demonic & divine powers, playing out across various levels of the illusion.

* It plays out within you, via the choices you make every day.

* It plays out in the world, via the numerous social, political, & nonhuman agendas competing for control over human destiny.

* Humanity is being pushed through a bottleneck, a sifting bridge, that separates the spiritual from the worldly, divine from the demonic, strong from the weak.

* Less than 10% will survive it, likely far less.

Would anyone continue to pay taxes? Vote? Trust leaders? Trust strangers? Invest in oil, green energy, stock market?

Would nations that didn't collude with predatory aliens still be friendly with those who sold out their own citizenry in exchange for advanced military technology?

Or would they see them as existential threats to themselves and the future of Earth, and realize they have no choice but to launch a preemptive nuclear/EMP strike?

Even if we had mild & partial disclosure, where some alien faction shows up and decides on diplomacy with their most favored nation, the shift in geopolitical power would trigger preemptive war by other nations threatened by that.

Say China was contacted, and refused to share the tech they're given, and plans on using it to make themselves impervious to US nuclear/stealth technology. Say it's going to take them a year to implement it. What would the US do in that situation? Either strike while it can, or face subjugation to a superior China/ET alliance.

That's just theoretical. But it goes to show that the impact of disclosure isn't just about people freaking out & questioning their religion. It's about cataclysmic shifts in geopolitical balance and economic investments that can unravel the fabric of civilization.

Per government studies, a single EMP detonated over North America would lead to 90% population loss by gruesome famine & violence within the first year. If you think humanity is ready for full disclosure, you have to be okay with risking that level of destruction.

That's why, as I've said before, realistically we'll only get partial disclosure — played as safely as possible to preserve the status quo. More of a cold war than a hot war. But then the issue is that, without key knowledge imparted by full disclosure, humanity will be all the more easily deceived by impostor savior aliens, leading to the same outcome of transhumanist assimilation.

Therefore the question of disclosure comes down to which we value more in the long run: the quantity of human life, or the quality of it. Is it worth gunning for a utopian enlightened future if it potentially costs billions of lives? Maybe that's a false choice, but I think about it every day.

@montalk interesting pov so how does that 90% of the people will die compare to kill Bill's agenda? He and his cronies want at least 90% culled so what is keeping them from forcing this? Then they can hang back and see it all unfold

@BrujaBuena If a powerful EMP strikes, whether massive solar flare or high altitude weapon, up to 90% in the US will die in the first year, per a government study.

That much destruction in just 1 year would be uncontrollable chaos and the "elites" would likely just retreat underground and come out in a few years to mop up whoever remains, maybe having fortified outposts on the surface to keep an eye on things and maintain relations with foreign (or alien) powers who weren't as affected.

If foreign powers are also gone, they'll still have materials, equipment, and experts with them underground to rebuild things afterward, how they want. If they need more manpower, they can educate/enslave the surface dwellers. Very similar to ancient times, actually, with post-Atlantis elite survivors training chosen natives to run their advanced tech to build megaliths and the pyramids.

If the corrupt elite stretch 90% depopulation out to 10-30 years through eugenic weapons (drop in fertility + rise in cancer/disease + greater infant mortality) then it would be manageable with totalitarian measures, digital ID, social credit, AI, automation.

As population drops off, AI/robots take their place more & more, until 90% are gone and the remainder are a mix of elites and robot/AI maintainers. That seems to be the preferred track they're on.

So, the EMP / Cataclysm deaths are a wild card they're prepping for, but otherwise they're continuing with a softer depopulation.

The 90% figure isn't because it's some ultra violent catastrophe like a pole shift with 1000m heigh tsunamis reaching the Rockies. It's because our civilization/system is so pathetically fragile & dependent on electricity, oil, & cops/military to support its population.

And it doesn't take much to get to the flash point. Say we enter a grand solar minimum (30 year mini ice age) and a super-volcano goes off that lowers temps and makes food hard to grow for a couple years. Nations will compete over resources & cut off each other's shipping/trade lanes. That can lead to war for their existential survival; and if war can be ended with an EMP strike, then that'll save them from having to ship & feed (with precious food) a large invasion force.

@montalk I was watching David Whiteheads podcast about the Nephilim world order. And one of them elites I forgot which said they want a soft way. Somehow most seem to love nature and don't want to leave the planet with a moon surface so it will probably be the Chinah model. And we'll be kept as unwanted pets, vaccinated, neutered and a ID chip. We'll have nothing, they'll be happy. But I must believe there are factions working against them. However the sleeping majority is not helping the good cause. Who knows the excess death may be our advance? Although the social collapse that Elon is talking about, and seems to be the only one, the excess deaths will speed up this collapse

@montalk A concise overview of the ? we are in Tom! I didn’t know about benevolent beings being captured and interrogated. Also didn’t know our leaders were building off world bases. You see that one of the Facebook cyborg building a bunker in Hawaii?

@abducteejournal I did see stories about Zuckerborg's 100-200 million dollar cyborg bunker in Hawaii. So much for rising ocean levels. They don't even believe the B.S. they spout. Just an excuse to wage Great Reset changes and snap up ocean-front property. The part about benevolents captured, I came across a source recently but forgot who it was, but Fore mentioned it in his material once about his advisor's people, some being captured and held in underground bases with phased out iron rod devices implanted in their necks to control them (maybe keep them from teleporting out).

@montalk I do not think there is a war between anyone here. They are simply mining the resources on the planet and it get's messy sometimes. Like when you mine rare earths you have to dig up 1000s of tons of earth and filter that stuff to refine the metals etc... the faction fore used to work for is not actively fighting. In fact they are retreating and that was decades ago. Most of their highly advanced civilization doesn't care about us anyways. The same way we see ants. 2 dimensional beings... It's pretty clear now which way we're headed. The technological singularity is coming.

Montalk 12-24-23
The Good News

I'm optimistic because a genuine great awakening is happening. It doesn't appear accidental, which can only mean positive powers are behind it. I'm thinking secret society, patriot MIL/GOV elements & benevolent beings both alien-like & angel-like. Plus, every brave human who stands their ground & answers the call within to rise against deception, injustice, & tyranny.

Divine intervention is occurring at all levels of society, meeting the forces of oppression at those levels. If this weren’t the case, we would be much further along the negative agenda timeline. Instead we see the corrupt controllers beset with delays & frustrations, which only makes them more desperate & sloppy. This reveals their hand, which awakens even more people.

Of course, they do have their enclaves like communist China, American blue cities, or planned smart cities like Neom in Saudi Arabia & ones being trialed in the UK. They also still have a few cards left to play like cyber & EMP attacks, economic implosion, another pandemic & war. And without the great awakening underway, these would achieve their aims exactly as intended.

But all of that backfires when it collides with higher conscious awareness that evolves from these catalysts. So we’re seeing a runaway feedback loop toward liberation that can’t easily be stopped because truth stands on its own & can’t be unseen. Growth in consciousness can’t be reversed.

Whatever depopulation happens, when looking back centuries from now, what will have mattered most is the quality of the people who go on to seed that future. Specifically, the quality of the knowledge, values, spirituality, & technology they bear. They set the tone & build the foundation for what’s to come. That’s why if the current & upcoming challenges serve to increase the awareness level of humanity, such catalysts will have been worth it.

In the meantime, we’re getting a helping hand from above & from within. More disruptive knowledge & disruptive technologies are on their way. At the moment, the transhumanist “matter over spirit” technologies are all we hear about (artificial general intelligence, nanobots, synthetic biology, genetic engineering) but “spirit over matter” technology is waiting in the wings (scalar & etheric technology, free energy, antigravity propulsion, aura scanning & healing). Like a seesaw, the latter will rise in proportion to the fall of the current bankrupt system & the materialistic paradigms that drive it.

Because of this, we'll be better equipped going into the coming solar/climate/volcanic crises. Challenge will drive innovation. We're headed for an Aquarian future, that much is guaranteed. The battle is between positive & negative aspects of Aquarius, which manifest precisely as the Great Awakening vs. Great Reset dynamic.

Get ready
@montalk Well said! I can only imagine that negative forces have attempted this whole takeover many times before with humanity and since we have not been completely enslaved yet, then that means they have failed many times before which means they can fail again. It’s up to humanity to help facilitate the negative force’s eventual, epic fail. Now if only someone could figure out a way to make humans immune to forced neural engagement and memory wipes. Game Over baby!

@guanajo Getting rid of memory wipes, I can just imagine a bunch of grumpy toddlers telling others to get off their lawn. In prior resets, it's like the fruit wasn't ripe and got tossed back in the bin. Total reset, except for the Atlantean and alien types.

This time, they're putting a lot of effort into conditioning our culture, prepping smart cities, chipping people, etc. so it seems like they want to keep more of our civilization intact and just merge us into an alien tyrannical Great Reset system. Pair us down to 500-800 million perhaps.

But all we ever really hear/see is the negative stuff because it's so in your face. The positive forces, being so covert, we only see it a little. It's like the news only covering token feel good stories but otherwise focusing mostly on the negative, which conceals a more balanced pic of what's happening in the world.

@montalk Nicely done Tom. From what I've read, Wuhan has elements of a smart city with self driving cars and 5G antenna along the highways. Also, a zero point energy inventor Dr. Paulo Correa wrote to me (he was a guest) stating EMP weapons don't exist as a stand alone weapon. I appreciate the uplifting message, I at times have a similar suspicion about a genuine awakening based on the desperate recklessness we're witnessing.

@HiddenDimension Granted it's an awakening of only part of the population, not across the board. The remainder seems to be getting increasingly deranged, as if the hive mind puppeteering them is getting anxious and desperate. Food insecurity.

About EMP, small scale you can build one and it works as intended. But high altitude EMPs that blanket a nation is a whole other matter, and I can see Dr. Correa having some 'inside' knowledge about that. I suspect nuke weapon tech is kept secret partly because it uses a non-public physics, same could be the case for strategic EMPs.

@montalk Tom, I sent your message to a few friends through email. A friend of mine who was critically thinking through the whole engineered pandemic wrote this. I thought you'd find it of interest. Professor Eric Larson's book are important reading. He was a guest a few times on the show.

We're headed for an Aquarian future, that much is guaranteed." As Dr. Phil would ask: how is it (humanity) working so far?

I read the book at least 25 years ago. As I recall it spoke of the new consciousness and that people were waking up.

All the "awake" people caved in and bought completely into the COVID Psyop. and surrendered what freedom they had.

There are about 10 people in my county that I know of (no doubt there are at least a few more) that never believed COVID 24/7 propaganda.

From the article:

"Of course, they do have their enclaves like communist China, American blue cities, or planned smart cities like Neom in Saudi Arabia & ones being trialed in the UK. They also still have a few cards left to play like cyber & EMP attacks, economic implosion, another pandemic & war. (Oh is that all???)

"The Great Awakening." Yes Marylin Ferguson told us all about it in 1987.

I am going to read (skim) through my copies of "A Nation Gone Blind" (copyright back in 2006!) and "The Skull of Yourick" by, of course, Eric Larson.

He reminds me/us that, to a great extent at least, people don't, won't or can't----------------think.

I think that explains a lot.

My suggestion---------Buckle Up

@HiddenDimension Thanks for sharing that. Occasionally we get glimpses that the elite use astrology & other natural cycles to time their agendas. For example, pandemics are launched at solar minimums going back many decades. It's better to cut with the grain than against it, and they're all about efficiency and leverage.

So it goes for the Aquarian energy. What better way to capitalize on that than with the Hippie & then New Age movements? And now with AI, transhumanism, smart devices, everything getting increasingly networked? They're using the negative side of Aquarius for their own ends. They did the same with Pisces, creating Christianity & Islam with the worst traits of Pisces, and Judaism with Aries.

@montalk i also think something in the universe is raising our consciousness as I see animals also acting different than before.

@montalk In your book Gnosis you describe an Etheric Tide that is coming. My friends and I found that piece and how you tied it in with the technology intrigueing and profound. Do you think it's related at all to the Galactic Current Sheet Ben at suspicious0bservers explained recently?

@QueenofWands Thanks, I like Ben's work. It ties well into Paul LaViolette's theory about Galactic Superwaves. The idea is that the core of the galaxy is a super massive back hole (or similar) that explodes at regular intervals. If I remember correctly, it matches up with the precession of the equinoxes.

That makes sense if the Earth's precession, which has to do with the direction of the axial tilt, is influenced by the electric & magnetic conditions of this part of galactic space.. so if there's a big rippled current sheet moving through, sometimes we'd be at the top, middle, bottom or in between part of the wave cycle.

So, our precession may be locked into the wave from the galactic center. Therefore, precessional ages (Age of Pisces, Aquarius, etc.) correlate with different parts of that wave cycle, signifying different electric & magnetic conditions here.

But there may also be spacetime ripples associated with it, and changes in etheric energy density and quality. Probably all tied together.

Montalk 12-28-23
== Question (via YouTube): "How far up does the simulation/Matrix extend?" ==

Definitely all of the etheric plane, which is the next plane beyond the physical, and what aliens/UFOs can shift into and out of.

Above that, going by Theosophical and Anthroposophical views, are the astral planes. Whether those are in or out of our sim depends on how you define the sim. Per the Vedic view, anything outside of the infinite formless unified consciousness is an illusion and therefore a "sim."

But there are levels of illusion, dreams within dreams you could say, and what defines the physical & etheric planes may just be a special kind of sub-sim (programmed thought construct), outside of which is the more general Vedic type of sim (universal field of consciousness interacting with itself).

Overall, I would say "the Matrix" extends at least to the middle astral planes, which is a holdover area for departed souls where they live in earth-like imaginary environments to decompress, before eventually dropping their human persona and moving to the higher realms.

Above that, you start getting into the realm of divine beings and the so-called "Kingdom of Heaven," which has always been described by gnostics as the true reality and the origin/home of our spirit.

@montalk Tom, I beat the crap out of some oddball street musician in my dream that kept annoying me and repeating some insipid melody and lyric. that I can't recall. It felt like a real fight with something. Ultimately, I turned him or it, into bug and squashed it. Maybe I unwittingly revealed something about myself, either way it was very lucid.

@montalk Requoting Montalk:
Question via email: "I was wondering, what do you do personally to connect with the divine?"

I have a couple different ways that are very direct. One is based on the mind, the other on the heart (of the soul).

The mind method: Shift your awareness to your own self-awareness/existence. Then once you can feel that, shift it to all of existence outside of you. Go back and forth a few times. Then shift to the sensation of both being of the same Mind — like how in a dream both you and dream world are contained in the same bigger mind.

So try to feel and perceive how inner and outer world are woven from the same cloth of consciousness. That aliveness you sense when you perceive your own self-awareness, try to sense that same sentience and aliveness in all of existence around you (stretching out into the universe in all directions).

Get a sense that there is only one consciousness reflected throughout creation, like countless mirrors reflecting the same light, or like all in a dream being the same consciousness. This is a direct way to practice the Law of One.

The heart method: Cycle between the feelings of awe/wonder, joy/excitement, love/goodwill, and gratitude/comfort. You can dwell on each one for a minute or more, or cycle through them a few breaths per each.

To "dwell," think through a list of synonyms for those concepts, or else invoke memories or imagined scenarios that evoke those feelings. Either one should start resonating those energies in your soul.

It’s like doing a full-body workout but for the heart component of soul/spirit. You need to be able to feel the energy/emotion during this exercise. If you’re just flatly and mechanically moving through the concepts without feeling it, it’s not working. You can start out mechanically just as you would when trying to start a fire, with nothing happening at first, but at some point the fire needs to catch and grow. The aim is to get some emotional energy/glow/ignition happening.

If you just can’t get that fire going, that means you lack the soul energy and/or neurochemicals, so get more sleep and correct any obvious dietary deficiencies and try again when you’re in better shape. If your heart’s atrophied from lack of use, start small and build up through daily repetition.

Both of these exercises are best done lying down, eyes closed, relaxed, maybe soon after waking up for the day before stepping out of bed, or later in the day when going into or coming out of a short nap. In fact, if you take a 15-20 minute power nap, you’ll have the energy needed and can more predictably set aside time for this.

Montalk 1-5-24
== Personal Experience & Knowns ==

It's good & grounding to survey/recompile our "knowns" from time to time. Did an inventory of what I know from personal experience of the "Phenomenon," meaning no reliance on other sources:

• There are external benevolent intelligences.
• There are external antagonistic intelligences.
• Some are human-like, some not.
• Both surveil us & take interest in the outcome of events.
• Both can hang nearby, optically invisible, as a presence that can be felt & pets can see.
• Both are telepathic; some can easily read our thoughts.
• One or both have ships that can appear as lights in the sky.
• Both are telepathic, listening; you can mentally broadcast to them & they will respond if it suits their agenda.
• Both are precognitive & exert influences on events, thoughts, feelings.
• One or both can manifest physically, including engaging in contact & abductions.
• One or both can manipulate scale of space & rate of time in a localized area.
• They can compartmentalize the mind, blocking recall of certain memories.
• You can still remember before, after, and some flashes from during an abduction.
• You can suffer bodily and neurological injuries from abductions.

• Both can heal & intervene to save you from certain death.
• Both can manipulate dreams, or appear in dreams.
• One or both can generate synchronicities.
• Both can manipulate other people of weak mind.
• Such people can even be temporarily taken over & spoken through by telepathic beings, good or bad.
• People are generally oblivious to the origins of their inner mental & emotional activity.
• There are also military abductions that involve mind programming & more nefarious things.
• There exists one or more positive secret societies that possess strong psychic abilities.
• We aren’t born as blank slates, but come here with an itinerary, if not a mission.
• Consciousness survives death & can send messages from the other side.
• Some of us were born with a subconscious preloaded with knowledge.
• Demons are real, can possess people, haunt places, feed off our lifeforce energy, and destroy the soul.
• Something like angels are real; they care exclusively about the integrity of soul & spirit above all else (including above suffering & physical harm).

• We have another, higher, intelligence within us that is our own essence but with superior psychic, spiritual, and wisdom qualities.
• Karma is real, self-induced by the higher intelligence, but only if you’re someone on a path of spiritual development (whether you know or not).
• There are empty people without karma, destiny, synchronicity, symbolic dreams, or anything metaphysical.
• Some empty people are partly to completely possessed/shadowed by demons.
• Astrology & lunar influences are legit, and there are other cycles that influence probability.
• Reality is fluid, malleable to consciousness, more for some people than others, and some times than others.
• We can receive directed messages through our environment, in the form of synchronicities.
• The more divine/spiritual your mindset, the more positively responsive reality becomes.
• We ourselves can be psychic, precognitive, and have visionary dreams.
• Many aspects of our lives are orchestrated from behind the scenes, for better or worse.
• There’s a tug of war between benevolent and malevolent powers, for our souls & destiny of Earth.

Get ready
@montalk "Astrology & lunar influences are legit, and there are other cycles that influence probability"

We seem to be influenced quite a bit by many factors like Astrology, genetics, society, etc. The same way some people decide to change certain patterns, bad habits, belief systems, I recently had the thought that we don't necessarily have to completely submit the rest of our lives to astrological influences, our "astrological blueprint". As a Capricorn I tend to "sweat the small stuff". Just because I'm "supposed" to sweat the small stuff because I'm a Capricorn, doesn't mean I have to be like that the rest of my life if I don't want to be. I'm not a social butterfly, but that doesn't mean I should not bother being more social. People tend to say, "just be yourself". Ok, what is myself? What I have been influenced to be? Same thing with genetics. I get my judgmental side from my dad. I don't want to continue being judgmental so maybe I should continue working on that. Should I maybe change what I think are habits that do not serve me and work on being the way I think would benefit me in the long run regardless of what "sign" I am or who my parents are? It's a lot of Matrix influences that can be changed if we choose to change ourselves.

@montalk "They can compartmentalize the mind, blocking recall of certain memories"

From what I understand, 99% (just throwing a number out there) of abductees do not know they are abductees. Is it possible that even someone that is aware of the phenomenon but has not noticed anything overly strange in their life/"abduction symptoms" and does not believe they are an abductee, could still be an abductee?

@guanajo @montalk Going to step in here and say yes. But “they” are very good at what they do. Before I was aware of abductions there were a few times where I stopped to ponder the symptoms I got which could not be explained but because I was raised to believe that night visitors don’t exist and even if they did your memory can’t be wiped, I just magically forgot the event happened. I think the ego/brain protects people from facing tough truths.

That being said an abductee who is very aware of what is going on and isn’t afraid of the truth would likely start to connect the dots more. The things that clued me in later in life were symptoms of abuse. If an abductee is fortunate enough to not deal with assholes and is subdued enough during abductions then the abuse is limited if even present. So they wouldn’t be clued in that way.

It is extremely rare to remember the start or end of events unless you just have a great memory already. David worked with one guy who seemed to largely resist it. Sometimes memory suppression is short lived but then comes back vividly for people. My memory sucks so their tactics work on me quite well except that I’ll get flashes. Before putting two and two together I just assumed those were very strange day dream musings, although I always wondered why my subconscious mind chose to bring up physically abusive day dreams. Now I know it’s likely those events were when my emotions were most amped up during an event and emotions bridge the conscious and subconscious mind.

Once an abductee starts to take action against their tactics (surveillance, talking to professionals, doing careful research, wearing velostat, etc.) they start to experience a hostile response from a hostile intelligent group. That clues them in even further.

All this to say that it is possible but if the abductee isn’t regularly abused, if their memory isn’t great, if they aren’t even looking into their situation (instigating a hostile response) and dismiss the rare times that something can’t easily be explained then for sure they wouldn’t know.

@montalk Based on my experiences with those 'morning glory' O.B.E.s, and after a lifetime of thoughts and interactions about it - I will be trying to seek work for various things like putting my saliva on someone else's wounds because of the 'digestion' period of chronus.. and work with those 'countermeasures' for various applications that promote the balance of life everyone needs.. It would be treason to neglect the omniverse and the positive force's (one of those factions) interests to allow criminals with teleporters to be big and bad to the point of developing a rabies infested nuclear football that can AND DOES ATTEMPT to throw us in nebuchadnezzars fire. IT'S INFINITE, without physicality..
I'd assume not everyone is well enough adulterated about this.. As were we all..
Anyone else want to fess up for the charges?
If it happens to any of you it may not have been something I can avert..

Montalk 1-10-24

* Denies existence of hostile entities in our world.

* Denies that hostile entities can pretend to be benevolent.

* Won’t advise on how to discern real from fake benevolence.

* Advice or message is flawed & doesn’t fit broader data.

* Pattern of lying, omission, deflection, or deception.

* Cult tactics like ego stroking, love bombing, and guilt tripping.

* Discourages free inquiry & questioning of the narrative.

* Reduces discernment, free will, and awareness.

The more of these red flags are present, the more suspect the source. Sometimes a source won't discuss hostiles because they weren't asked and it's not pertinent to the topic of conversation. That's fine. But if they're pressed and start squirming and deny, deflect, or outright lie... well then there's a problem.

If you have access to a source (like a channeler or an entity interacting with you) ask them these three questions:

1. Are there predatory nonhuman intelligences on Earth?
2. Do they ever pretend to be benevolent?
3. How can we discern between actual benevolent beings & these impostors?

If they even answer the 3rd question, you can tell a lot about their knowledge level, critical thinking, and angle. Then you can look for flaws & whom it would ultimately benefit, which exposes the ulterior motive. Which is why the majority will refuse to even address the question.

Benevolent humanoids (whether they're alien, time travelers, breakaway humans, or other) seem pretty focused on raising humanity's level of knowledge, integrity, discernment, and self-determination.

This is a controversial point, but I believe benevolents can lie by omission or clever wording to protect themselves and/or us if telling a particular truth would lead to dire consequences.

For example, lying about the name of their group or where they're from. But if you analyze its implications and feel into the energy behind it, you won't detect maliciousness and it wouldn't be of any critical need-to-know importance. Then what matters more is the overall angle and key talking points the source pushes, as that reveals the motive.

One of the issues is that people are generally mired in their limiting language & belief system. Entities no matter how benevolent, even divine forces, are cognizant of this and try work with it to try and make the best of it.

This, unlike hostile deceivers who are also aware of our belief systems and cognitive flaws and purposely exploit their flaws, bending the logic of those beliefs toward their own nefarious ends. You can instantly detect the fake-smile oily insincerity behind it if you're intuitive.

For more on discerning between benevolent and deceiver forces, please see Part 6 of Discerning Alien Disinformation:

@montalk a good rule is never trust optimist . they always deny all the bad because all the bad leads to them , so deny all bad and if you point out any bad that makes you bad

@montalk In this case Bashar (Darryl Anka) is clearly disinfo. He keeps avoiding any questions going in this direction by saying "don't focus on the negative" and now outright prohibits geopolitical or conspitorial questions during live events. That's why the FAQs of their recordings have been mainly about crystal and hybrid babies. Unfortunately his audience has turned into a gullible hippie crowd over the years.

@tomkelly33 @montalk 100% I used to follow his teachings and it actually helped improve my life but whenever he would get weirdly aggressive during questioning it revealed something sketchy either about him or the thing he channeled. There is no reason to disregard all his teachings but you are right, not for the gullible types because you have to be incredibly discerning listening to him.

@abducteejournal @montalk Yes, I also used to follow Bashar as his teachings were very empowering and his topics extremely fascinating. Also love his superb sense of humour and often deep empathy with participants. However, I became suspicious when he introduced more and more "alien" symbolism, audio and visuals, forbid to ask critical/conspiratorial questions and focused heavily on the importance of "hybrid babies". So I still don't know if he is a real entity or a AI entity. The knowledge he has produced over decades is just to varied and complex to have been faked by Darryl himself.

@montalk That was such a great Twitter Space Tom. You were very articulate and professional, no surprise, but it helped maintain a professional tone throughout the night. Did you stay the full 10 hours?? I heard Bartley wanted to join but was having microphone issues.

Montalk 1-14-24
There's another iceberg, one that goes up. #niceberg

@abducteejournal you might find this interesting:

Vladimir Zhirinovsky (died 2022) was a Russian nationalist politician known for his anti-Western rants and accurate predictions.

Here are some interesting things he's said over the years. Sounds like he had inside info and let slip about some Russian secret weapons. Basically tsunami, pole shift, or tectonic-plate shifting/lowering technology:

(1) Zhirinovsky predicts that Ukraine will be destroyed and the US will collapse due to a nuclear war, with the country being submerged under water within 24 hours.

(2) 2002: We will find other targets on the Earth. The Earth is so large. We can sink Australia into the ocean’s depths if you like. Alright! Wanna see our missiles? Our weapons now… at night our scientists will change the gravitational field of the Earth a little bit [vertical hand tilted back and forth] and your country will be under the water. Twenty-four hours and your whole country will be under the water of the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. Think about who you are playing with! Think!

(3) 2011: Russia, with lots of money and resources, and new weapons, which nobody knows anything about…not yet. With these weapons we will destroy any part of the planet within 15 minutes. No explosion, no ray burst. Not some kind of a laser, not lightning. It is a calm and quiet weapon instead with which whole continents will be put to sleep, forever. There was that Tsunami in Japan, right? I say, if you want even the tiniest kurile-island from us, you will have to dig in the wreckage and debris of their buildings. And 120 million of you will all die!

(4) 2022: Now he [Trump] says, “We will save America.” That’s right, Trump, but unfortunately you won’t be able to save it. There won’t be elections in 2024, because there will be no America.

@montalk Huh, that’s comforting. From what he is saying it doesn’t even matter if we prep. I would like to think there are metaphysical checks and balances, which is why there hasn’t been a nuclear war despite all the bullying over the years. If “they” are indeed in charge no way would they let that happen, considering the amount of resources they have put in.

I went to Russia in 2015 and based on what I heard around the dinner tables Russians hate America, at least the ones that don’t do everything they can to get the hell out of Russia. The nationalism is so strong there that you either keep your mouth shut or you leave. So perhaps this guy is right but it sounds like he is on a rant.

I could totally see a new Cold War starting, with posturing from Russia and China. In the “precog” I saw tensions rising high and with no election, someone HAD to step in to speak with the two countries. Come to some sort of an agreement. They will claim it is a temporary leader (someone from the military or a diplomat?) but they will be lying. Perhaps Russia and China are working to get this person installed in our leadership and will perform fake threats.

@abducteejournal I saw Bartley trying to join near the end. Too bad he couldn't make it on, as that would have been an awesome cameo. I took a break during the 10 hours but was there for much of it.

Thanks for the feedback... I'm working on improving my delivery (slowing down a little, fewer filler words) and have seriously been looking into building an offline speech recognition device that zaps me when it detects those.

@montalk Oh my God you should! With so many people taking to video and audio to deliver information (I’m old school and prefer reading), it would be a wonderful tools!!!

@montalk Just a warning about @TheLastStraightFrog is that he's an unlabeled parody account that stole my old name. Judging by the emoji in his display name, he's an Owen Benjamin fanatic.

@abducteejournal What got me about the Zhirinovsky quote is that if he's for real about weapons like that existing, this means black ops have cataclysmic weapons that can fake end-times cataclysms. They have earthquake & hurricane weapons, and now this. That has strategic implications for a massive history-changing psyops.

Also, his threat of 120 million dead, about 100 million Americans live in coastal areas by current stats. That implies it's not the whole continent, but more just coastal areas. There's no prepping for that on the coast. The Poseidon nuke system alone can generate a tsunami 500 yards high supposedly.

I agree though that this wouldn't happen without upper management approval. If it fits into some narrative/strategy, then maybe.

Interesting about your precog info, thanks. We'll find out soon.

I've been thinking about Ben Davidson and his growing "Observer" army quite a bit lately... He continues to get more attention, and his predictions continue to become more plausible.

I have wondered if he is an agent of some sort playing a very long game. I suppose I wonder these things because of the ramifications of what he continually asserts and with more and more gusto lately while claiming actual "science".

In a scenario where cataclysmic events could be enacted by black ops as you say, the groundwork has already been laid for people to take to it as if it were a natural event, those that remain that is.

I'm thinking about this from a "collective memory of humanity" perspective... What is to say that what people who have intuited information about the history of humanity is actually accurate? This post truth reality we currently live in certainly does lead me to ask such questions.

@13laddyboy13 @montalk @abducteejournal I wrote him off as fear porn. What are you really going to do? Sit on a mountain with years of rice and beans? Survive a dystopian catastrophe? It seems that the powers that are need us to be in a perpetual state if fear. If these kinds of catastrophes are going to happen remains to be seen. Untill they have their technology in place and they can implement their NWO, we have time, after the technology is here it will probably go fast. Will there be disasters going along, who knows ??‍♀️ until then it will mainly be fear mongering.

@BrujaBuena @montalk @abducteejournal Do you feel his information is calculated and manufactured fear porn or a natural product of the human psyche seeking to be prepared for any eventuality?

@13laddyboy13 @BrujaBuena @montalk Probably a combination of getting clicks and also just keeping an eye on the problems developing. Most of which do not directly impact the average citizen but could compound over time if someone isn’t there pointing a finger at the problem and bitching about it. I say that lovingly btw. ?

It is a fine balance between getting worked up over something that doesn’t directly impact you versus seeing the patterns emerge that could compound to one big sh*t storm. Being even softly prepared goes a long way to maintaining a calm approach if things go bad. That in turn not only helps with decision making but from a metaphysical perspective leads to almost miraculous synchronicities of “things just working out”. I’ve experienced the results of being over stressed with physical reality adding more problems to freak out about and being calm/balanced/centered with problems being quickly resolved.

@abducteejournal @BrujaBuena @montalk You made an important distinction that I think fundamentally affects the "coloring" and reception of the messages by people like Davidson.

"Probably a combination of getting clicks..." Not to ignore the rest of your opening sentence, but how much does someone's ability to offer clear and widely sourced information shift when they begin to monetize their efforts? Once someone begins to build a persona that people pay to engage, there are certainly different motivations that will drive the message and how it is presented. In a sense, one has created a splintered off version of themselves, unless the person leads with their own integrity always, no matter what.

I say this knowing that Tom has likely made some money off all the work he has done, but I have never felt that was a big priority for him. Tom - you are definitely a unique player in the "alt-woo" space, and I mean that as a genuine compliment. There are plenty of storytellers who sell themselves out to dishonorably entertain an audience in exchange for monetary reward; and I have never once gotten that vibe from you, so thank you for that.

@13laddyboy13 @montalk @abducteejournal I think past events like the floods/off axis event and the black plague have left something in the unconscious/and metamorphic field that humans tap into. The elites with subliminal programming will probably use that to their benefit.

@13laddyboy13 @abducteejournal He does cite a lot of studies to back up his claims (unlike channeling or synchro-mysticism & numerology sources) but I think some claims are a big stretch, while others are more solid.

What's undeniable from the data is the Earth's magnetic field weakening & magnetic excursions happening every 6 & 12 thousand years.

But the solar micronova, sun turning dark, Earth's crust unlocking, pole shift happening... I'm not convinced there's a 1:1 correlation between these and the excursions. They seem rarer.

So at minimum, I'm expecting the magnetic excursion in the next 30 years. We'd know if the Earth's field keeps getting weaker at an accelerating rate. Which it is currently, but time will tell if it keeps going. That should give a heads up.

Magnetic excursions are survivable. Just, heavy strain on civilization that can have 2nd and 3rd order effects.

Direct effect would be greater disturbances from solar storms affecting the power grid and satellites.

Second order effect would be increased seismic, volcanic activity, and UV radiation.

Third order effect would be those things devastating food production, which leads to political instability and competition over limited resources, leading to proxy wars (including takeover of shipping lanes), which can lead to bigger wars and thus cyber/bio/nuke attacks.

All that is survivable (i.e. not hopeless) but depends on who/where you are. One solution would be an infusion of energy, wealth, and technology. For example, decentralized power systems hardened against EMP. The influx of wealth & energy would offset the higher cost of producing food and help keep the lights on under adverse conditions.

@montalk @13laddyboy13 Oops, my bad, thought you two were referring to a different post

@montalk @abducteejournal Yes, I do not doubt the field is weakening based on offered data, more volatile weather patterns on Earth and other planets, and the continued and growing craziness of humans. In my thinking a weaker field will unground people and leave them more susceptible to difficult to assess and process events, like.... well.... so much of what is happening now.

It is easy to get wrapped up in exactly "what", "why" and "how" things are playing out now, but ultimately the only thing that matters in the most fundamental way is how an individual is able to go along with the events as they continue to unfold.

Oddly, I had "visions" many years ago that I later found out were what people call "micronovas". It was so "real" to me, and still I refuse to believe it is an eventuality because I know what is perceived through the lens of the mind can be misinterpreted, influenced and skewed. I also acknowledge that the "micronova" vision I had was very symbolic to personal transformation. Can it represent a dual outcome? Sure.

This is what I wish more "mystic" types would readily own and admit to. Just because one has an intuition about something doesn't make it an open and closed case. Reality is widely and diversely interpreted. Thanks for your efforts.

To add to this conversation, Davidson is going to be on with Tim Pool and Jimmy Corsetti on Friday... His circle of influence will grow after this. It will be telling how the gatekeepers respond to him. Will they say "I'm so glad you are on because I have worried and wondered about this outcome for a while." Or will they say be more incredulous and will it be a "one and done" for Davidson.

Davidson isn't the first person to dedicate his life to the end of the world, so he could easily be looped into the growing collection of "crackpots" that were not correct.

That is one of the markers I use to assess someone's viability... How do the established players respond to new people in their midst?

@montalk Probably should stick to mile high locations then. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Get ready...
@abducteejournal @montalk I’m noticing a common theme in all of media, be it msm and alternative media, and that is fear. Nothing new of course but it’s seems to me that the main plan right now is to raise fear levels within humanity like never before. That is one of the biggest things that will tilt probabilities in negative force’s favor. It’s predictive programming on a global scale. It makes people wanna give up when all they hear about is doom. Have you heard of the new thing called “doom spending”? People are little by little reaching a “a fu*k it” mindset and are just giving up on humanity and the world. And that’s exactly what “They” want. We are being saturated with bad news from every angle and it is beating people down to a pulp.

@montalk @abducteejournal i really think someone is fiddling with the sun. One of the sun observers saw that the sun didn't rise at the same spot on the same day in January 2024 as it did on that day on January 2023. It was like 5% off. I saw in December 2021 one day that the sun rose a whole hour earlier than the days before and the days after, I only found 1 person online whose wife came out of the night shift and also noticed it. What phenomenon can make that occur? Timeline shift, Mandela effect?? I also noticed the colour of the sunlight changed from warm yellow to white/blue like the difference between an incandescent bulb and a LED it seems very few people notice these thing and why does it happen?

@abducteejournal @montalk The smart cities you mention are all invite only...seems like the perfect place for abductees and hybrids to live in and build a parralel society outpacing the old.
I mean we know that bill gates has had meetings with the greys from the remote viewer in brazil.

@billharper @montalk Yeah, I imagine there will be like boogie smart cities and then there will be centralized “smart cities” for slaves. From the precogs I saw that the hybrids got rid of anyone that wasn't part of their group out of these nicer areas. Not sure what the radius will be for their territory.

Then I looked way ahead (like closer to 2030) through the one handler’s perspective and it seemed he had earned his spot in one of those areas, acting as security for like a corporation or something. He had this sense of pride because it was a nicer living situation. He was accepted because he showed loyalty. He came from a rougher area managing the “slaves”.

@billharper @abducteejournal @montalk I feel like the first smart cities will be promoted almost like luxury hotel resorts. So they will lure in people. Then after a while when the majority has entered voluntary the rest will be round up and the dystopian future can go ahead.

@BrujaBuena @abducteejournal @montalk Neom in Saudi Arabia seems like that. I guess it's like snowpiercer but in the desert. It's hard to believe but they are really constructing it. The new head of government really seems to get things done. I'm sure he has his connections to the NHI (he briefly imprisoned and stole money from dozens of billionaires basically half of the country's elite) . Noone gets away with that without someone higher up backing them. Same with Putin commanding the oligarchs or Xi's "anti-corruption"campaign.

@abducteejournal @montalk Remember Robert Hastings work about exposing how UFOs were dismantling nuke tests in mid air? Would water boarding a whole country (continent) be allowed?

@HiddenDimension @montalk sorry, it’s not funny but the visual. Yeah, that’s why I think it’s empty posturing but that was Cold War shenanigans, which sounds like we will be dealing with soon.

Montalk 1-23-24
== Benevolent Superhumans ==

In the iceberg graphic, "benevolent superhumans" refers to the following:

* Positive aliens, which are typically the human-looking types. Not that all human-looking ones are benevolent, but forces that have the greatest interest in (and sympathy for) humans would logically be the types closest to us mentally/spiritually/morphologically. This bears out in anecdotal data.

* Positive secret society individuals. Meaning, those who have gone through esoteric schooling who have acquired superhuman abilities and are operating with awareness of their role in the divine framework. As Philip K Dick put it, "Probably the real, secret Christian church still exists, long underground, with the living Corpus Christi as its head or ruler, the members absorbed into it. Through participation in it they probably have vast, seemingly magical powers." Doesn't need to be Christian, just plugged into the divine intelligence whatever the context.

* Miscellaneous positive forces including benevolent discarnate beings who are the nonphysical counterparts to the positive secret society individuals. Esoteric training extends into the etheric/astral planes, and is probably more active there than here. Physical societies/schools are therefore more like outposts of what exists eternally on the other side of the veil. Besides those, we also have possible cryptoterrestrials, time travelers, and of course angels who work behind the scenes and on rare occasions materialize physically in an unassuming way.

The question has come up about allying and working with positive aliens, specifically positive Nordics. Nordics here just means human-looking aliens, not strictly blondes.

From what I can tell they're extremely covert to minimize interference (matter of ethics & possible quantum or time travel laws) and minimize footprint due to threat of surveillance/reprisals, possibly due to being fifth columnists in their own ranks like in the V miniseries. Or lacking the numbers to engage in hot war, therefore trying not to bring down heat on their home worlds.

To be who they are, positive Nordics would also have to be very good at psi powers & tech including masking/cloaking. Especially if they're operating in enemy territory (enemy = black ops MIC world allied with hostile aliens and demons). This means their signature is very tightly managed.

At the same time, they'd also be highly telepathic and precognitive. If they're operating under the wing of divine NHIs, they'd get additional guidance there, allowing them to know where/when/whom to influence or contact in what way to have maximum impact.

If you'll notice, the negative ETs (and demons) when in open contact use a gaudy bag of tricks to manipulate with max pressure. It's because they're more limited in psi & precognition & data, so need more brute force. Positive forces can operate with more leverage thus less force.

This all means that positive Nordics rarely require ever revealing themselves to do their job. In the future, that could change if the quarantine lifts and hot war breaks out between ET factions and it's hungry hungry hippos scooping up survivors ideologically or even literally.

(...continued) So, best way to ally and receive help would be, to be of value to them. Due to logistics, they can't be as omnipresent and charitable as angels, so if you're a good, smart, curious person but not strategically useful to them, I'm not sure they'd have you on their radar. You'd catch their attention more by intending and exemplifying that you're working for a higher good, than shining a flashlight at the sky asking for contact. The latter is a sure way to attract impostors.

But if you deduce their mission, by playing a role in that, you'd be of use. For example, countering negative alien disinformation. Exposing those who interfere with human sovereignty and the divine will. Safeguarding and elevating human potential. And protecting Earth's future. Or just leading by example of what a human can and should be.

Compare this with Galactic Federation channelings and occult entities pretending to be positive Nordics, and you can see the difference. These are in-your-face, overly-attached control freaks in it for the energy, attention, deception, and control.

Personally I don't think it's necessary to supplicate before positive Nordics. That should be reserved for divinity. Positive aliens (whatever they actually are) know what they're doing, and if our individual destiny intersects with theirs then so it will be. If not, no big deal.

Regardless, we should focus on embodying who we truly are at the core, against all the negative programming, in order to honor the role we chose to play in coming here.

Get ready...
“Compare this with Galactic Federation channelings and occult entities pretending to be positive Nordics, and you can see the difference.”

That is honestly one of my biggest concerns when it comes to the ET agenda. I see this growing movement of well intentioned people aware of the hyperdimensional phenomenon, even aware of the good and the evil sides of it, yet very confidently following these supposed benevolent ET groups, races, federations, etc, even apparently communicating directly with them without questioning whether their true intentions are ”on the up and up”.

Just the possibility that many if not most of these supposed benevolent ETs that people are openly communicating with might be pretending to be benevolent and are really not is enough of a reason to raise some red flags. If mere humans can easily trick other humans, is it ridiculous to think that much more advanced beings could do the same to us?

My best guess is that true, advanced positive forces do not operate like that. They would do so in more nuanced ways. Or else it would be like Morpheus calling Neo in the Matrix willy nilly whenever he wanted telling him all of the secrets of the Matrix. That would just not fly.

A great example, IMO, on how positive forces truly operate is @montalk

Montalk 1-27-24
Tom Montalk: Matrix Reality, Alien Agenda, Manifestation & Transcending The Ego | The Labyrinth #90

New interview on The Labyrinth:

- Matrix Reality
- Alien Agenda
- Manifestation & Transcending The Ego
- Current & future events

Montalk 3-2-24
In this new podcast discussion, I talk with Rolo about:

* Apollo vs. Dionysus
* Holy Spirit vs. religiosity
* Tantrism & subconscious powers
* Plato & the NWO
* Etheric Tide & The Yugas
* Toughtforms & addictions
* Artificial gods
* Polytheism vs. monotheism
* Demons vs. angels
* Left vs. right hand paths

A nice change of pace toward the more esoteric, philosophical, and occult:

3-2-24 The Dionysian Option w/ Tom Montalk
[The Altered State of Dionysius, Moralism v Mysticism,The Threat of the Holy Spirit, Get You Some Purple Drank (Kykeon), Ecstasy is a Weapon, The Negative Feminine and Positive Masculine and more!]

Montalk 3-8-24
New interview on The Spellbreakers Podcast.

* Simulation Theory
* The Power of Consciousness
* Aliens & Paranormal
* People vs. The Control System
* Positive Forces & Spiritual Solutions

Live w/ Tom Montalk - Simulation Theory, Manifestation, and Alien Disinformation


Mar 9th 2024
@montalk Love having this available. For me, the length is daunting and the information is dense. I slide to different points in the stream and hear the parts meant for me. I started at 1:58 and went for about 5 minutes.
So appreciate the words and the clarity. Thank you. Saved it for listening to on my travels.
Especially the reminder to the importance of writing my thoughts and priorities and reviewing and addressing the issues. Sounds obvious but the obvious can get lost in the day to day.
The overall guidance of your work is very helpful.

Mar 9th 2024
@osi1 It ends around 2 hrs & 12 minutes, and the rest is Donny talking to his audience. But still, 2 hours can be a while. Listen at your convenience. I should get back to making some YouTube videos, which are even more condensed but only 10-20 minutes long. Thanks for listening and hope you enjoy the rest of it!

Montalk 4-3-24
== Quick tips for dealing with everyday negative entity issues ==

1) Be mindful of self-destructive thoughts & feelings, especially if they seem out of character for you, or come on suddenly, or appear overnight. Question them. Cancel them out by meditating on their opposites; lie down if needed.

2) Get better nutrition & more sleep, including short naps. You need energy & clarity to have the willpower and presence of mind & heart needed to override psychic attacks or whatever else is bringing you down (circumstances, astrological weather, hormonal cycles, and so on). Exercise helps too, just don't overtrain or adrenal fatigue will make things worse.

3) Be a good person in your thoughts & actions, including being good to yourself. That means don't engage in self-harm, self-loathing, or cruelty/envy/hatred towards those who mean well. Karma & subconscious guilt lowers your spiritual defenses and opens the door wider to entity intrusions.

4) Practice spirituality & self-improvement. Keep it practical, true, and no-frills. Incorporate more feelings (even if only in meditation or going into a nap) of goodwill, blessing, gratitude, relief, optimism, excitement, and oneness with all life. This strengthens your aura and attracts probable futures where you have more of those feelings, i.e. positive futures.

5) Do journaling / self-inquiry / contemplation in a notebook to survey your life, goals, motivations, virtues, biases, lessons, and questions. Reflect deeply on them. Know thyself. This consolidates your self-identity and grounds/embodies you. It also builds up key parts of your brain like the ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vMPFC) which is in the third eye region.

Montalk 4-16-24
== Question: Why did some esoteric / spiritual / occult teachers (like Rudolf Steiner, Dion Fortune, Franz Bardon, etc.) die prematurely? Does that mean their teachings were flawed? ==

Couple reasons:

1) By putting themselves out there, they garnered big occult enemies.

Enemies includes vindictive humans doing psychic attacks, political enemies, demons, and possibly aliens (depending on what agendas are threatened).

These forces don’t want humanity to be empowered with knowledge, so they go after teachers. More so teachers who specifically address dark forces and step on their toes.

These forces surveil, profile, move chess pieces into place, encircle, and hack the person from the inside (spiritual/psychological warfare) and outside (matrix agents, legal/political/social/financial attacks). The longer the person is alive, the more refined the stalking process. Eventually comes the death blow, usually via one of the few remaining chinks in the armor of the target.

2) By being adepts, they were held to a higher standard. Less room for error.

Newbies to spirituality might be under extra protection, same way kids are protected by parents.

But when a person becomes a spiritual adult, now more rests on their shoulders. Some protection is pulled back, to let them handle it themselves.

But this carries the risk of messing up, and the stakes are higher so mistakes are more costly. The higher you fly the harder you crash.

And, now that they know certain higher things, the ball is in their court and hypocrisy carries a price.

For example, if a teacher tells people to be careful about negative thinking, but engages in it himself at some point, the punishment is more severe than if he/she had never advised it to anyone.

3) They were engaging in subtle energy manipulation practices required to sustain higher level psychic powers.

This puts stress on the human body, whose rusty genetics aren’t always optimal for such high levels of subtle energy flow.

Like running too much current through an electrical device, it can overheat and wear out components, leading to unpredictable failures.

So they martyred themselves to be able to do what they came here to do. Of course, there are those who were actual hypocrites, or engaged in dangerous and ignorant occult practices.

But even the good ones who took all the care they could, still run up against limits and opposition. The intentional sacrifice must be weighed against the net positive that comes out of it.

Apr 17th 2024
@montalk I listened to Dion Fortune's audio book Psychic Self Defense. On a tangent, she mentioned how sometimes you could hear pings, like a metal ding, short, not ringing crystal-like sounds when there is psychic energy in the room.
In a more religious tone, I read that the more you embrace the darkness, the divine energy begins to withhold protection.

Apr 17th 2024
@montalk I'm going with #1 and depending on the individuals #3.

Montalk 4-20-24
Great conversation tonight with Ashton Forbes on Scalar Physics, Quantum Physics, Relativity, the Kona Blue document, time travel, nonhuman intelligences, and the manipulation of public sciences:

Hard Truths Podcast w/ Ashton Forbes ft. Tom Montalk

Montalk 5-06-24
Graph of planetary clusterings has bottomed out this past week. Been tough times for many.

Clustering means how close together the planets are around Earth, which astrologically indicates peak adversity & imbalance. This is something I observed over the years, and wrote a script to calculate and graph out.

Looking forward to seeing how life & the world trends between now and the election. Uptrend should mean more wins for the good guys. Watch what happens in politics with the election.

May 6th 2024
@montalk Thank you for this.
Doesn't the effect depend upon where in the constellations the planets reside?
Interesting with the every 13-14 year Jupiter Uranus conjunction April 20.
Very interested in a longer time period graph.

Montalk 5-14-24
Spiritual Protection

Question: How do you achieve alignment with positive forces who maintain protection?

Protection comes from knowledge & spiritual hygiene (mindset, beliefs, vibes).

Knowledge means knowing how the negative forces work, being aware and discerning about their trickery, and sensing if they’re about to try something, being aware of attrition already in progress, and knowing how to protect yourself physically when necessary. It also means knowing your own weaknesses, including strengths that can be used as weaknesses. So, it’s about inner and outer knowledge and discernment about yourself and others and them.

The more knowledge you have, the less surprises they can spring on you, the less they can sneak past your awareness, and the more direct they will have to be instead of using backdoor methods.

But there’s a limit to how direct they can be, given your degree of spiritual protection having to do with the next part below. This limit depends on:

1. Their psychic & technological capabilities, and rules of engagement.

2. The capabilities and rules by which your higher spiritual protectors operate. For example, if you went against your conscience recently and hurt someone, you lose some degree of protection for some period of time in order to learn from the consequences. You could call this a spiritual immune system but really it’s the higher part of your consciousness and associated beings on the other side of the veil who enact this protection.

3. Quantum principles having to do with entanglement between you and them. They’re not always human or from our spacetime, so you’re not phase-locked (fully quantum entangled) with each other, and the degree of entanglement determines the tangibility or how frequent the interaction between you.

By being aware & knowledgeable, they can’t get easily use cunning forms of manipulation. Therefore, you force them to have to use direct action. But direct action can’t happen if rules of engagement, spiritual protection, and lack of quantum entanglement forbid it. But if direct action does occur, your knowledge and thus preparedness would need to see you through it.

So besides knowledge, you also need spiritual hygiene to succeed with points 1, 2, and 3 above.

Examples of good spiritual hygiene:

- keeping your ego on a leash;
- thinking goodwill towards others;
- refraining from harming others even in your mind;
- having healthy boundaries and respecting yourself;
- healing your soul wounds by finding & discharging repressed emotional trauma;
- believing in the power of consciousness & the divine will;
- nurturing an attitude of positivity by kindling divine thoughts & feelings such as gratitude, optimism, and a sense of limitlessness.

This all has to be done realistically, but there’s nuance involved.

For instance: like begets like, therefore practicing an attitude of optimism & limitlessness is essential for attracting (or at least not blocking) probable futures that justify that optimism, meaning futures that contain pleasant surprises if not outright miracles.

But this is only valid to the degree that the outer world follows your inner world via synchronistic correlation. This correlation varies but can never be 100% because we live in a shared reality where other people’s choices compete with ours, and where by coming here we are under the jurisdiction of the laws of physics & etherics and the laws of the society we partake in.

So to the degree the outer does NOT follow inner in your specific case, you have to be knowledgeable & aware and capable of handling it physically. Part of discernment involves knowing where that dividing line is located between synchronistic and physical responsibilities.

Thus there are two potential mistakes here.

First mistake is being such a physical “realist” that you think optimism & limitlessness are fool’s errands in this cruel world. Every pessimist considers himself a realist, but this understanding of reality is flawed. It’s only half the picture. It ignores how our unquestioned root assumptions & emotional climate synchronistically factor into which probable futures precipitate.

Second mistake is being such a naive “idealist” that you think mindsets like optimism & limitlessness are all you need to ensure success. By ignoring the physical factors that aren’t under synchronistic control, this opens huge vulnerabilities through which you’d get wrecked sooner or later.

The solution in both cases is knowledge; knowledge not only of the physical but also the metaphysical; and not only the enemy external but also enemy within.

Together, knowledge & spiritual hygiene are what ensure protection & success.

There’s no shortcut to becoming wiser or more divinely aligned. It requires choosing (in spite of past & present circumstances) to positively exercise every facet of consciousness in life: observation, study, contemplation, intuition, experience, experimentation, introspection, meditation, conscience, empathy, creativity, self-honesty, humility, daring, and so on. It’s about choosing to live more consciously.

Montalk 5-17-24
'Squeezed For Loosh' with Tom Montalk
Pain, Purgatory and Dimensional Deceptions with Tom Montalk
Tom Montalk on Dreams, Hyper-dimensional Civilizations & Astral Parasites

We discuss shamanism, the loosh farm, out of body experiences, a full life review, sociopaths as parents and how to become strong from/through all of the above.

Part 2 is out. Dreams, Hyper-dimensional Civilizations & Astral Parasites.

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